Church Tithing The Great Half Truth - By Peter Harvey


Don't be led into the

shifting sands of half truths.    


Church Tithing - The Great Half Truth is a polemic against church tithing as a moral or christian responsibility.   It highlights the half truths and white lies used by tithing advocates to convince christians to give 10% of their income to the church.


See how you can guard against dogma that would have you believe that church tithing is a moral or christian responsibility.

See all the favorite misrepresentations the tithe teachers use and watch them be exposed as little more than dishonest manipulation. 

Allow the NT teaching of Jesus and the Apostles to guide you in all that is christian giving.

Be surprised as you find out where tithing really originated from.

Feel the full weight of what the Scriptures teach in regard to mercy and charity.

Learn why the early church would never have practiced church tithing

Discover the Apostle Paul's passion for his collection for the poor and his attitude towards work and remuneration.

And so much more.

For a full preview of what is in the book go to the index page to view the table of contents.   This page will give you the best overview of what is in the book and the level of detail that it goes into on each subject.